Now, as I was saying…

Hello peeps! If any of you still have my RSS doodah in yer reading whatsit then this missive will pop up and no doubt lead to mucho head-scratching and memory searching. But for now, just be assured that yes I am back and will post more soon!

No there will be no garden posts as I’ve given up on that slug-infested shithole. Yes there will be swearing. No there won’t be any building stuff as the extension is done, dusted and forgotten. And finally, yes there will be pictures of my little lad. By which I don’t mean my old chap. By which I don’y mean my John Thom… Look! I mean my son and heir! Bloody hell, you lot are hard work.

I wonder who’ll be first to comment. Heh. I wonder if anyone will comment…

So long and thanks for all the slugs…

Dear all – all my readers, fellow bloggers & gardeners, all my friends – I’m afraid the time has come to close the gate on Wild Burro Paddocks.

As many of you will have noticed, and I am all too aware of, it has been over two months since my last post. What you may not know is that I also missed my blog’s second birthday back in October. I knew it was coming but in truth found I had nothing to say. In fact, that is the problem with the blog now. I have nothing to say about growing veg or building an extension or anything like that anymore.

The last twelve months have been strange – me and Mrs Burro have been working towards something and it is about to come off any day now (I’m not going to say any more but I’ll answer emails if anyone is interested 🙂 ). That coupled with my growing interest in Second Life has taken me away from both the garden and this blog to a point I can’t see myself coming back. I will be carrying on with the veg growing, but it will have to fit around our new circumstances now (did someone say sandpits?) and I won’t be blogging it as my SL blog is my main focus of online time now.

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU! to all my friends who have read and commented on my babblings, and allowed me to comment on theirs (not babblings, I mean 🙂 ). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this site yet, so this blog will be here for a while, but there won’t be another post after this one I’m afraid.

I’ve had a blast over the past two years – from the early days when I discovered WordPress from the always fragrant Pumpkin Soupstress and followed the adventures of the ever energetic Allotment Lady, to reading the collective thoughts and entertaining stories of Mildew, HedgeWizard, Kitchen Witch, Mike, Mel (and family members!), Cool, GiGi, Chris, Jac, Sara, Nez, Bug_Girl, Marvin and many, many more! Thank you all for being supportive, lovely and just so bloody funny!

I’ll try and keep in touch by following blogs but if anyone wants my email address just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Same goes if anyone wants to follow my Second Life blog (I report for CNN now too 😀 ).

Thank you all again… and may your veg grow strong and your chooks lay double yolkers every time 🙂

Yours for the last time,
Head Burro – Amateur gardener and all round daft bugger.

Slugs – I Hate Their Guts!

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I ate his guts

You’d think after HedgeWizard’s frankly horrific experience with a slug and his man-plums *shudder*, I’d be more wary of the little blighters. But ohhhh no. Not me. No. I have to go one better don’t I?

Things to remember when stacking bricks from one point of the garden to another:

1) Never look at the bricks as you slap them together.
2) If you do, never be laughing at The News Quiz as you do.

If you fail to observe these simple rules, then it is entirely you own fault if a slug that was safely nestled in a nook or cranny is slapped between to bricks at high speed and explodes upwards into your face, hair, eyes and mouth. Oh yes. And don’t expect any sympathy from erindoors either. Oh no.

I really, REALLY hate slugs guts. Only in this case, I ate his. I feel dirty.

Burro in Print – Third Time’s A Charm!

Yeeha! My third post for the local newspaper’s blog is online now (and in print, I hear but the free paper never reaches us so I’ve not seen that yet). Pop over to the LEP Green Section and read all about my War on Slugs!

Josie has my fourth post and that should appear in a couple of weeks, whilst Stu has agreed to write for her as well 🙂

An end to floors… oh thank god!

Over the last 2 weekends, Dad and I have toiled ceaselessly to fit the last of the massive 61 square meters of wooden flooring to the house – this time in the downstairs living room, dining room and study. We also ripped out all the old skirtingboards and fitted new ones (boxing off radiator pipes as we went) and smashed out the old, ugly fireplace. Hard, dirty work but it looks so much better in here now. Only the a new fireplace and fire to replace and then we can decorate the rooms ready for new furniture – I can see the end of the extension in sight 🙂

Popover to my old gallery and take a looksee – and weep with me as I bid farewell to our old, comfy (if ugly) settee… goodbye old friend 😦

Gorgeous Sky

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Gorgeous Sky

It’s been a while, but here is the latest set of Shutterbug Burro Snaps 🙂

Pop over and witness the mischievous otters*, call the Flying Pet Doctors, coo at some lost ducks, sick up at the dead bird, and buy the whole planet for 30p. What a good little Burro I am 🙂

Oh the irony…

Just had an email at work (I know, I know I shouldn’t be posting this but this needs posting now before I forget) from Unison to tell us members that out postal ballot forms for strike action have been delayed…

… due to the postal strike!


Burro in Print: 2nd post and still not sacked!

Blimey folks, yet more from me in my local paper! Surely someone will realise I’m winging it? I keep expecting it at work, but no one seems to clock on I’m just a cheeky a chancer 🙂

Read my amazing* second post here – ahhh, go on now… go on… go on…

* honest 😉

Calling all Spammers and Spambots…

Please stop offering me porn, especially gay and lolita as I am a) straight and b) prefer my ladies older (although not grannies, so please stop that too). If I wanted porn, I would just type ‘porn’ into google and stand back as the barrage of naughtiness filled my life to bursting – I do not need you to constantly offer such things to me.

Instead, how about spamming me with stuff I might actually need and want to look at? Try… oh, let’s see… try gardening, you fuckwits. Maybe eco-products. Or books on Second Life. Maybe, just maybe then I’d be fooled into clicking on a link to some dodgy scamming site in Russia, but whilst you offer me unlimited upskirt tiny teen photos and live webcams to hairless gay boys I wouldn’t hold your collective breaths. Idiots.

Work – Arsebuggery!

Hi all, work are having a major Orwellian crackdown on staff web/email usage so I won’t be able to blog during the day anymore. Mean, small minded swines. The fecking IT crowd who are undertaking this can surf and email all they want, but the rest of us prols obviously can’t be trusted.

So, given that I’m busy in the house right now (preparing…) I won’t be around for a bit. I’m sure a new patteren will settle in soon, but until then I’ll be running silent 😦


p.s. I’ve also altered some spam settings so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away.

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