Burro in Print: 2nd post and still not sacked!

Blimey folks, yet more from me in my local paper! Surely someone will realise I’m winging it? I keep expecting it at work, but no one seems to clock on I’m just a cheeky a chancer 🙂

Read my amazing* second post here – ahhh, go on now… go on… go on…

* honest 😉


Burro in Print: I’m Famous!

Bloody hell! They put it up on their blog! Well I’ll go t’foot of our stairs 🙂

Reeeead Alllll AAAAAAboooout It! David Burro Says “It ain’t easy being green!”

I’ve aalso been asked to write for a SL magazing and website, but more of that on my mysterious ‘other blog’…


A Coke Moment…

Bloggers for a positive global change award memeRight… I’ve been tagged again. Thank’s KW 😉

I’m dead busy right now so I’ll have to keep my tags brief (unlike the time I had to tag my briefs because of that strange man who liked my washing…). This meme comes to me via Kitchen Witch (and a damn fine Witch she is too) from this worthy site.

My five sites are…

1) Bean Sprouts – bloody great site full of useful, real-life stuff. If Mel and her family can do it, we all can!

2) Self Sufficient-ish – cracking site that will inspire and inform.

3) Honeybee Network – protecting rural knowledge for all.

4) Down The Lane – Richard downshifted… so can you!

5) Moosey’s Country Garden – Huge site with tonnes of help and advice.

That’s it folks – gotta dash. Check these links out and have a flick through the ones to the left as I had to leave loads of brilliant people and their blogs out 🙂

Home Recycling (dot com)

Right, I haven’t plugged Chris’s company on here for blinking ages so here goes – go to http://www.homerecycling.co.uk/ and take a look at their great range of stuff to help you recycle. We’ve had the 4-bin thing, the other 4-bin thing and a carrier bag thing from them and they make my messy life so much easier (hell, even the mistress likes them and she would live in a house so minimalist that it would contain no furniture at all. Or walls. Or roof. Or me. In fact just a white box without the box would suit her, so getting 3 bits of furniture past her has to tell you how great they are). Anyhow, check out the site and the forum. Hope you find sommat you like 🙂

Post FAQ:

A. What? Why?
Q. Eh? Why not!

A. Are you on the payroll? Is this viral marketing?
Q. No, I’m not. It may be, but if so I’m not being paid for it. I just like Chris – he’s a nice guy.

A. You lie! You work for him!
Q. Honestly I don’t. I do boring spreadheety stuff around funding. And some wetwork.

A. Which soap do you like best?
Q. Hmmm, Corrie I’ll have to say. Emmerdale is OK. Hollyoaks is utter shite (and without Becca wholly without merit for a Sunday morning perv). Eastenders is total drivel – miserable cartoon cockernees shouting (or shaaatttin!) at each other like so many angry chavs in Primark rejects. No thanks, I prefer the offshoot – Beast Enders.

A. Are you a good kisser?
Q. Come closer and find out, you minx!

My Neglected Compost

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My Neglected Compost

Tsk! I had done so well in 2006. The compost bin was working well. I was even *ahem* activating it. But now… Shamed! Shamed I tells ye! I have neglected my compost. I have not turned it. I have not mixed my browns and greens. I have just dumped stuff in. I BARE MY CHEST! BEAT ME NOW!

But Lo! What is this? What waits beneath the sleek black skin* of my compost receptacle? At first glance, whilst the upper half seems unkempt and unloved, the lower quarters offer a damp, warm promise of pleasure to any and all probing hands…

That is until you smell it. Feck me sideways! Did a rat throw up in there? Did it throw up, die, come back to life a zombie rat**, throw up again and then open a public latrine for all other zombie rats*** to come a throw up in? Bastard zombie rats!

Gagging (see *), I dug the whole lot over and mixed it with grass, card and paper. Then I sealed the stinking thing and washed the whole area down with a hose. And then my boots. And then me. And then I had a shower. A long, hot one like the one I had the morning after I got drunk and woke up in Fife with nothing but Turkish sailor’s hat and a deep sense of shame to keep me warm.

I shall try harder in the future. With the compost, I mean.

* Like so much latex streched o’er the body of the Dalek’s little known Empress – DominDalix!

** It can happen, people.

*** Really. It’s the start of World War Z, I tells ya!

Sow n Save

I’m sure you good people are all members of the Money Saving Expert mailout already – if not, why not? Go! Go and join now! Back? Right, well anyhoos, Martin has started up a new forum dedicated to helping gardeners save money and when I saw it I immediately thought of you, my dear readers 😉

Now don’t expect a fat load of self-sufficiency tips and green advice – it’s all about the bottom line, but as we all know saving wonga and saving Gaia don’t have to be mutually exclusive 🙂

EDIT: Following a great post over on the Wizard’s Hedge, I recommend that before you dial another 0870 or 0845, or similar number, you check here first to see if there is a low-cost alternative.

A Greener Burro

Never mind answering the last post (not that anyone did, boohoo) as I’ve done my google research and found out the following:

  • Most LED replacements are not bright enough and the light doesn’t feel quiet right
  • The LED replacements that come near to being bright enough are too expensive
  • The only other alternative are Compact Fluorescent bulbs

Phew! These three factoids belie how much bloody surfing and reading I’ve had to do 🙂 Still, it’s all grist to the Wild Burro Eco Mill and in the end I’ve plumped for ten 11w CF bulbs from TLC which I’m hoping will reduce our energy usage quite dramatically.

This leads me onto another purchase I’ve made (you’d be forgiven for thinking that wonga was in serious danger of going out of fashion over here on the cyber paddocks, but all these purchases are designed to save your favourite Burros money in the long run so fear not): An Electricity Meter! Oh yes! Soon I will be able to tell the mistress exactly how much each light left on is costing us and the planet. As soon as it come, I’ll look at running an experiment and keeping you informed via the blog 🙂

p.s. Thanks to the forums at Moneysaving Expert for the thread that showed me the light (see what I did there)

p.p.s. Here’s a great little article on LED truths and myths from a UK cave sport website. It’s a little old now (2001-2) but from my research most of the points are still valid. Here’s an update from May 06.

LEDs for Halogen

Hi all,

As part of the new look Wild Burro Paddocks, we have installed the halogen strip lighting so common at B&Q (no doubt assembled by Chinese dissidents or kids in India). Now, I’m not happy with having ten 50w lights blazing away in the house and I’ve been looking at replacing the bulbs with some kind of energy efficient replacement. Anyone got any ideas or advice? The LED versions here look fine but may not be bright enough – the cold fluorescent seem brighter but the cost / lifetime ratio doesn’t add up.

Hmmm. LEDs, Halogen or sommat else – any ideas?

There is too much packaging in life!

I recently read about some WI-types who were taking all the unnecessary packaging used by supermarkets back to those supermarkets and good on ’em I say! I’m sick of food being 3 times wrapped in stuff that can’t be used again. I’m also sick of people making useless shite that just pollutes the world and it seems I’m not the only one (thanks to El Gordo for the link)

Fight Climate Change

Go here and get your MP on board with tackling climate change. Unless you like the sound of desert / flood / ice tundra (delete as applicable) in place of your veg patch, that is.

Soapbox Burro.

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