Burro in Print: 2nd post and still not sacked!

Blimey folks, yet more from me in my local paper! Surely someone will realise I’m winging it? I keep expecting it at work, but no one seems to clock on I’m just a cheeky a chancer 🙂

Read my amazing* second post here – ahhh, go on now… go on… go on…

* honest 😉


Pssst… Look at this…

Blimey – the first Omlet Newsletter is out. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Scoot over and have a read – there’s a woman there with three blooming Eglus which seems like Eglu hoarding to me and my Eglu-less life! *sob sob*

Please ignore my Eglu envy but this does come on the back of Pumpkin saying I’ve got a rubbish Victor – it’s hard being a loveable Burro at times you know, I have feelings too. No Eglu obviously, but feelings…

Clucking Hell!

Tim Westwood with 'Pump up my Hen!' I’ve no idea if this is real or not and I’ve no idea what my mate Den was doing searching around on an inflatable goods website, but these are questions I have to put to the back of my mind if I want to sleep easy at night.

Click on the chicks to see the anti-bird flu inflata-coop in all its air-filled majesty. I weep, I do. Weep.

A shell-less egg? Good Lord!

Well I never. Actually I *have* never, not having the equipment needed for laying eggs, but I mean I have never seen a shell-less egg. Until now, that is! Check out Humboldt Hens and spare a thought for poor Bess Chicken.

The love of the chook

Years and years ago I went out with a lass who wanted a Chinchilla as a pet. Years after I was friends with a lass who kept rats. Years later I met a lass who kept snakes. The difference between these creatures can no more sharply defined then by their cuddliness – chinchillas are so cuddly it is an offence in some US states not to cuddle them; rats are more strokable than cuddly and snakes display no discernible cuddliness/strokability whatsoever. Further to these observation, I noticed that the cuddliness of the critter was directly related to the affection the critter displayed to the human beans around them – snakes on the whole don’t seem to come over for a cuddle whereas chinchillas seem to hunt them out like a truffle hound on speed.

What am I blithering about? Chickens, of course – do keep up. I’ve wanted chooks for the last couple of years or so and I’ve always wondered where they fit in the cuddle-seeking stakes. How do they show their affection? Do they recognise you with love or just cupboard-love? Well all my questions and more have been answered over on the Humboldt Hen ranch. Must remember to watch my earlobes!

Moneysaving Chooks

I just caught this thread (thanks Den) about chooks and money saving and thought you’d like to read it. Oh, and i can recommend the site itself – loads of money saving advice with a free weekly mailout. Check out the Chooks of Cash here.

When the chooks come marching in…

Not mine, Im afraid. But pop over to Allotment Ladys blog and say a big hello to her new beauties.