An end to floors… oh thank god!

Over the last 2 weekends, Dad and I have toiled ceaselessly to fit the last of the massive 61 square meters of wooden flooring to the house – this time in the downstairs living room, dining room and study. We also ripped out all the old skirtingboards and fitted new ones (boxing off radiator pipes as we went) and smashed out the old, ugly fireplace. Hard, dirty work but it looks so much better in here now. Only the a new fireplace and fire to replace and then we can decorate the rooms ready for new furniture – I can see the end of the extension in sight 🙂

Popover to my old gallery and take a looksee – and weep with me as I bid farewell to our old, comfy (if ugly) settee… goodbye old friend 😦


Burro in Print: 2nd post and still not sacked!

Blimey folks, yet more from me in my local paper! Surely someone will realise I’m winging it? I keep expecting it at work, but no one seems to clock on I’m just a cheeky a chancer 🙂

Read my amazing* second post here – ahhh, go on now… go on… go on…

* honest 😉

Weekends equal Flooring.

Thanks to Dad, we now have wooden floors in all three of the bedrooms. Thanks to the mistress of the house, we will have carpet in the hallway pretty soon, Thanks to me we have photos of all this activity. Oh yes. Pop over to the gallery and see the latest shots (numbers 34 to 38). Soon we shall move downstairs where I shall photograph them working some more – it’s a social study programme.

Another day, another floor…

The spare room wooden floor going down.Well, what a busy weekend your friendly neighbourhood Burro has had!

Saturday saw me and the mistress stalking the mean streets of Manchester in search of kitchen goodies such as a new set of pans, lots of knives and some lovely cutlery. That was a hell of a walk back to the car, I can tell you. Thankfully Saturday night was much more chilled as we spent it with friends (Hi Brian! Hi Mel! Mel, I’m not a serial killer, honest :-D).

And that brings me to today. Today me and Dad laid the second bedroom floor and got the whole thing done in record time. Click on the wee picture to see the latest pictures or see the whole gallery here. Oh, and the mistress got some more of my bum, Burro bum fans 😉

We should have that room decorated this week and will be laying the third floor next weekend. Why the rush? Well, I may tell you one day soon, but for now it’s my secret.

Floors. We all need ‘em.

The rear of our house one year ago today and before the extension was built.Wow. What a difference a year makes. This photo was taken one year ago today at the start of the second week of the extension – click on it to see not only a bigger version, but also a similar picture taken this very morn at almost the exact same minute. I’m amazed at just how much we’ve got done in a year – we’ve pretty much finished the bedroom now and should be moving back in this weekend, click here to see the gorgeous wooden floor me & Dad have laid.

More Patio News (TM)

Dad laying our new patio. He's good like that.The patio rumbles on with all the speed and momentum of a charging grizzly. Big thanks to my Dad for all his help – he’s even been helping out today despite being full of a cold and on a downer after a rubbish PNE match yesterday.

I think we are a couple of days off finishing laying the flags and then I just (just! hah!) have to point it all and get rid of the piles of old, broken concrete path and wooden packing crate before I can say it is finished, but by gum it’s looking good 🙂

Visit the gallery here to see the latest pictures (22 to 33, I do believe).

House update – you lucky bugs!

Our new fascia boards.Our new fascia boards.The house took a bit of a back seat over the summer – the mistress had family over from Canada so we put decorating on hold. It took a while to pick up the pace once they had returned but pick it up we did and we’ll be starting on the inside again soon, but in the last few weeks we’ve done quite a bit outside. Check out the following two galleries for some evidence:

Patio News (TM)

Dad laying our new patio. He's good like that.The first of the To Do List (see last post) to be crossed off is the long promised and much awaited Patio News (TM).

Way back in March the builders left us with a ruin of back garden & path and the poor mistress’ ankles have been braving the mess ever since. The talk in the Wild Burro household has ranged from replacing it with everything from decking to a full-blown conservatory. In the end we’ve decided on stone flags and we’ve gone for some really nice flags from a reclamation place in Padiham (part of Burnley, a town that was twinned with a shithole until the shithole complained). They are gorgeous and even have fossil plants in them but by christ they’re heavy! Dad is (as usual) helping out and we’ve borrowed my sister’s fella’s cement mixer to speed the whole process up. I reckon there is another couple of weekends in it, but after that the mistess’ ankles should be safe once more. Stay tuned for further Patio News (TM). This is Head Burro for Wild Burro News signing out.

A fence lasts three years,…

Level my post!I tell you what, digging post holes in this summer heat is not fun. But that’s just what me & Dad have been doing for the last couple of weeks. The removal of the old hedge to allow the builders access to the back of the house left a rather open plan feel to the garden and as more neighbours took the opportunity to remove trees, hedges and old fences themselves our garden was part of a much larger garden made up of five – all very continental 🙂

But such things are not British and the right of privacy must reinstated so we (my Dad and me) set about digging post holes and erecting a rather lovely fence. I’ve taken pictures (of course) and put them in the gallery but for those of you who are thinking that fence is a poor substitute for a hedge for our little furry and feathered friends, well take heart in the knowledge that I’m planning to make it a fedge. I’m a good Burro, me.

Tiles. Tiles as far as the eye can see!

Tiling the utility room floor.The mistress of the house has particular designs on the space now granted to us by the extension. Part of these designs is tiles. Tiles as far as the eye can see. This is why last week saw me & my Dad stripping the new downstairs toilet and utility room so we could lay dozens and dozens of Italian & Spanish tiles. We are but slaves.

See the transformation from empty concrete & plaster box to lovely be-tiled room full of A-rated white goods and reused kitchen units.

Oh, and we’ve started on the kitchen, too. Sigh.

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