Gorgeous Sky

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Gorgeous Sky

It’s been a while, but here is the latest set of Shutterbug Burro Snaps 🙂

Pop over and witness the mischievous otters*, call the Flying Pet Doctors, coo at some lost ducks, sick up at the dead bird, and buy the whole planet for 30p. What a good little Burro I am 🙂


My First Tomato!

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First Tomato 02

Despite the rain. Despite the lack of sun. Despite the bastard slugs. Despite over-zealous watering by me when it was a wee plantling, my tomato plant bears fruit. Oh blessed be.

Leek Soup…

… tastes great when:

a) The mistress makes it, and

b) You use your own leeks and spuds.

Oh yes.

Me and Freya

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Me and Freya (24th April 07)

I may have been a right old grumpy git recently, but one thing is always guaranteed to put a big smile on my face and that’s Freya, my gorgeous sister’s gorgeous daughter. This was her fast asleep on me two days ago. Perfect and smelling like only babies can.

Three men in a field…

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Dazzle Monkey and Pipe

I’ve been uploading tons of photos tonight and moving all my Shutterbug Burro Snaps from my Gallery to my new Flickr account. From someone who never wanted Flickr, I’ve become a real fan :).

In the midst of this uploading frenzy I’ve been looking through photo sets I’ve never uploaded at all and I found the ones I took on my mate Monkey’s stag do and found one of my two favourite shots ever of my mates Dazzle and Monkey. We had a cracking day shooting innocent plastic discs and riding quadbikes like lunatics. Ahhh, friends are what life is all about.

Autumnal Joy

A beautiful leaf turned red by Autumn.I agree with Soupy on this one…

Under the grey sky
Leaves shimmer through wet grass
Autumn’s joy fills me

Out Of Office…

Wild Burro Paddocks is closing its doors for week. The mistress and I are off to Garelochhead (google it) for a well deserved holiday and blogging will be pretty far from my mind (unless I can hijack some WiFi broadband connection, a la Mildew the Ever-Naughty) . I shall take loads of pictures, of course, but I will be mainly relaxing and coping (manfully) with the knowledge that you’ll miss me like crazy. In the meantime I have new thing to leave you with (via the Gnome): Three Beautiful Things.

TBT’s Clare’s had such a great idea I shall be adopting it myself, starting today.

As I crossed the bridge across the Ribble, the sunlight danced through the trees moving like dozens and dozens of cats leaping from branch to branch. I sat on the bus and grinned through the window like a little kid.

See you all in a week or so. And no burglarizing the Paddocks whilst I’m gone, you sods – we have people watching.


My History Matters

What an interesting morning this has been so far (more of which later for reasons that will become clear) topped off with a report on Radio 4 that today is the History MattersOne Day in History Big Blog Day“. And, it would seem, “Burro Big Link Day” 😀

I intend to post a one off type of blog entry today – a simple account of my day which I will then upload to the HM site. Why not have a go yourself and leave a footprint in time for future readers.

Here goes:

17th October 2006
My days are full of simple pleasures – home, family and friends.

We (the mistress and I, of course) were woken by Radio 4 at about 6:30am. I like the way voices invade my half-dreaming state. The mistress was already in the shower by the time I managed to rise so I went down to the kitchen and put the kettle on, tea for me and coffee for her. I have to have a big cup of strong tea in the morning.

After breakfast I went for a shower where I was kept amused by David Blunkett – or more specifically the story that he might (or might not) have had a screaming telephone call to the director of prisons in which he bellowed that the army should be sent in to a prison riot and have the prisoners “machine gunned”. I’d always suspected he was a pillock of the highest order.

I dressed and saw the mistress off (she drives to work) before walking to the bus stop with only a minor pause to film, using my phone, a little squirrel eating a nut in a tree. The bus stop at which I catch the bus to town is the same bus stop I caught my school bus from many years ago. It’s odd the way life works in circles at times. On the bus to work, I used the forced captivity of my journey to read a very boring funding guidance document.

Once at work I joined my three colleagues in the small open plan office we share with five others and we got down to business – chatting about telly, news, gossip, food and the like whilst typing emails and filling in spreadsheets. God knows why we have to fill so many in, but my mortgage depends on it so I just do. Still, it’s got to be better than gutting chickens, hasn’t it? For dinner I went out for a coffee with a work friend where we chatted about non-work stuff before going our separate ways to do chores. Unusually for me, this included a trip to the bank – I say unusually as 99.9% of all my banking is done over the internet or phone.

I’d had a headache all day – I get them now and then and it seems to have something to do with my shoulder – and it was a good one that made my back-teeth vibrate, so I left work as soon as I could and came home on the usual packed bus. Back at home I helped the mistress make tea (a lovely mushroom pasta in roasted tomato sauce). We chatted about our days, her telling me about her school kids and me telling her about my project managers, who are more similar than you’d think – both need careful watching and both say unintentionally hilarious things. After tea we planned our upcoming holiday to Scotland.

It’s not been an eventful day (well not in terms of my life although I’m certain many wonderful, terrible, funny, painful things have happened to people all over the world) but it has been a good one. Everyone I know is alive and well and happy and, like a plane landing you can walk away from, 99% of the time that’s enough.


Wild Burro Sirocco

The winds over Wild Burro Paddocks are beautifully warm and alive tonight. The trees are singing with joy as it passes. It carries the scent of foreign holidays. It feels like the earth is breathing. I love September.