Burro in Print: I’m Famous!

Bloody hell! They put it up on their blog! Well I’ll go t’foot of our stairs 🙂

Reeeead Alllll AAAAAAboooout It! David Burro Says “It ain’t easy being green!”

I’ve aalso been asked to write for a SL magazing and website, but more of that on my mysterious ‘other blog’…



Burro in Print: UPDATE

Righto Burro fans – my musings on being green and fooking my back up in the garden will be printed (yes, actual print with paper and ink*) in Thursday’s Preston Reporter. I’ll be on a 3-4 week cycle and as there is no word on whether this will be in the paper’s blog I’ll reproduce my posts here**.

HB 🙂

* No money though.

** Well, it makes it look like I’m busy, doesn’t it 🙂

Northern Rockiness

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Northern Rockiness

Bonkers! The Northern Rock has had to borrow money from the Bank of England due the fact it (and many other banks) are finding it difficult to borrow money from other banks due to the sub-prime loan crisis that started in the Banana Republics of America (and I don’t mean Mexico and south, folks).

The bank has done this to ensure it remains solvent.

How do it’s customers take this? With restraint and resigned patience? Do they chuff! Hey! look! It’s 1929 again – let’s take all the money of the bank thereby causing the crash we wanted to avoid!


p.s. there is a bloke in that pic who was from Nationwide a few shops down – he was handing out lollipops and leaflets about his rival’s packages, the cunning swine 😀

Burro in Print!

Well faithful Burro fans, it done. I have spoken to the local reporter (Hi Josie – I see you were taught by Andy – Ahhhh, the stories I could tell you about Andy…) and as of next week I’ll be contributing to the local paper’s blog. I don’t think it’s paid – I haven’t really asked. Should it be?

Anyhoos, I’ll keep you posted, loyal readers.

Toodle Pip,  as my mate Anni would say 🙂

Lord Burro, gardener to the stars.

Taking the piss out of the KKK

From a story I read in Bug_Girl’s blog – Clowns laughing at nazis.

For Anni

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Flower Boom

My mate, Annika, is having a rough time.
Here’s a flower for you hun xx

Where is Da Burro?

Ok folks – update time.

1) The garden is bumbling along nicely. The slugs have done their worse and now seem to have gone to ground. Or moved on as they have eaten everything they could in mine. either way, I’m catching a lot less in the beer traps. Time to start hoeing to get their eggs up for the birds to munch.

2) I’ve been playing SL a lot and my other blog* is doing well.

3) Me and the mistress are embarking on a new round of decorating and DIY to prepare the house and garden. I can say no more.

That’s about it really. I’m planning the look of the garden, going to dig some more beds, may buy a greenhouse and am still looking at chickens… mmmm, eggs…**

Eggy McB!

* I have no link to it here – trying to keep some seperation as this blog is pretty open about me. If you want to read my exploits in SL, I’ll email you the link 🙂

** Not slug eggs though 😛

All your beds are belong to Slugs!

The Slugs are taking over!

See! See! It isn’t just me moaning (Mistress) or being crap (Dad), the fekking Undead Slug Army foretold in the Bible* has risen and is eating out food as they are too small to reach out brains.

15 billion! That must just be in my bloody garden 😦

Me & Jac are starting an Army. There will be uniforms, weapons and cake for all members – who’s with me? Just make sure that no one tells that nice Mr Cameron. He needs a new campaign and “Hug A Slug” would only make our job harder if PETA got involved.

Major Stompy McBurro.
96th Airborne Panzer Slug Stomping Div.
“Caedo Assilio Accudo”

* Maybe. I haven’t read the damn thing. It waffles on about a whole heap’o’crap, so Zombie Slugs are bound to be in there. Probably in a letter to the Romans** that read “Sweet Baby Jesu! The Slugs just ate the 10th Legion!”

** All of ’em? Think of the postage!

My First Tomato!

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First Tomato 02

Despite the rain. Despite the lack of sun. Despite the bastard slugs. Despite over-zealous watering by me when it was a wee plantling, my tomato plant bears fruit. Oh blessed be.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Jesus! I couldn’t eat this bugger! It’s all I could do not to call the local priest in and have it exorcised before driving a stake through its twisted heart!

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